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It is used to protect the financial interests of cargo owners from the risks during the shipment. Insurance protects you in the cases of damage, loss or theft during the transportation of goods from the consignor to the consignee by various modes of transport. Exclusive to our customers, we offer additional load insurance for any type of transport. With us, you can be sure that you will not lose your money invested in the goods.

We offer modern class A warehousing facilities as well as:

  • • Loading and unloading operations
  • • Storage of goods according to the type of cargo
  • • Bundling and marking of goods
  • • Preparation of accounting reports and other necessary documentation

The land transportation of goods is an extremely popular service for a good reason: in many cases, this is the optimal mode of delivery. Professionals at the EC-Group, being experienced logisticians and managers, are able to compose the optimal transportation route for your cargo at any given moment. They do so to ensure that you will save time and money. We will deliver your cargo in a timely manner, keeping its safety a priority. In most cases, international land transportation of goods is ideal for small cargoes and short to medium distances.

If you need urgent delivery of even a small batch of goods, you have the option of transit by air. In such cases, our solid experience in the air cargo market and the high professionalism of our specialists make us your best option. Air transportation provides very fast delivery times, which allows you to deliver cargo in time. It is useful in cases where the value of the product decreases with time. Air transportation also ensures your cargo with the highest degree of safety. It is particularly advantageous when delivering expensive goods, because of the minimal risk of any kind of damage or loss.

Maritime transport provides the possibility to deliver oversized, dangerous and modular cargo. It is possible to transport goods of enormous size and colossal weight for long distances. Sea container transportation ensures high safety as the goods are not reloaded when changing the vehicle. In regard to costs: sea transport is much cheaper than other options for transporting goods.

Transportation of goods over long distances is most advantageous by rail. To this day rail delivery is still one of the most profitable and reliable transportation methods. It renders possible the transport of oversized equipment, machinery, dangerous goods, which are simply inexpedient and sometimes impossible to transport by other means. This method of transport also means that the volume of cargo is of little importance.

He transportation of oversized cargo requires a special approach. In this case, our task is either to choose the most suitable way of delivery from a variety of possible combinations, or we can develop a new one.


When transporting this type of freight, the professionalism of our employees, their experience, and their ability to negotiate play an important role. Knowledge of the specifics of particular vehicles, ports, and regions of the world as well as other nuances is essential.


Any project to deliver oversized cargo is unique. Our rich experience from successfully carrying out such projects will ensure that we are your best option for transporting bulky goods, providing you with advantageous terms and exclusive offers. The professionalism and excellent reputation of our experts guarantees a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.